The season is inspired by Glam Rock music, Japanese Kimono structure, as well as the famous architect Frank Gehry’s deconstructivist style with unusual shapes and materials.


In this experimental collection, the designer uses three complete different elements as inspirations to design this collection. The designer wants to express that  - just like music, you can put feelings into clothes, and also don’t judge people based on their race.


‘’I don’t agree with many people that they judge my designs with “Asian flavor” when they see me coming out from a fashion show, which I never intended to do so. I want the audience to see my designs and to feel the emotions, instead of judge my designs based on my race.’’ - Yun Qu, founder and designer of VIDEMUS OMNIA.



For the Haute-Couture SS20 collection, the designer uses mainly silk, silk blended fabric as well as exclusive and luxurious brocade fabric from Europe.


Each garments are created like a piece of art. Some pieces are made of at least 5 or more fabric in order to emphasize the theme “showmanship.

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